book display web 2 OKC signing books web 2BeeBop Books encourage compassion and self-confidence.  Children connect with our books and enjoy the interactive coloring pages that inspire creativity. Start conversations in the classroom, around the dinner table, at bedtime, or in front of the fireplace.

The Worst Day Ever


James feels like he is facing the worst day of his life. Classroom and school rules can be difficult and sometimes friends can be in a bad mood. James learns there is someone to hug him no matter how bad his day is. Counselors and parents agree, this story resonates with elementary aged children. Sure to be another family favorite. Read more about the story.

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**Winner NTBF, PWT & NFPW  Illustrated Children’s Books  

**Mom’s Choice Award Gold & Dove Family Seal of Approval

‘The Worst Day Ever!’ is a book that can help elementary aged children feel understood. It addresses self-control, impulsivity, and attention-deficit issues. It also shows examples of compassion when friends struggle with similar issues. – Kim Carson, M.Ed., LPC

The Christmas Pumpkin

 A heartwarming story that helps readers understand that if you believe in something, you can make it happen. Introducing James, a loveable young boy who decides to carve a star on a green pumpkin and let his light shine. What would you do with a green pumpkin for Christmas? This story sweetly conveys the significance of self-confidence and family support in early elementary aged readers. Read more about the story.  Click here for the ebook –any  reader!

TCP award seal small evergreen**Winner NTBF, PWT & NFPW  Illustrated Children’s Books  

**Mom’s Choice Award Gold & Dove Family Seal of Approval  **Dr. Toy Best Picks

“The Christmas Pumpkin” is a wonderfully creative and inspiring story. The message resonates with children, helping them understand that it is okay to be true to yourself. To let your own light shine. – Retired kindergarten teacher

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Awards & Accolades

Featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox Good Day. Featured in The Herald DemocratVan Alstyne Leader, The Howe Enterprise– pg 13,  Go TEXAN’s e-zine, and  Van Alstyne Leader.  A review on Tear A Page and GoodReads. Featured IBPA member. Participant in Tulsa’s Junior League video.

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